We will announce a few weeks prior to the event
where to pick-up your Hublot diamond Rally decals.

corporate entries:
- The creation of corporate decals is your responsibility.

private entries:
- PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE NOT allowed extra decals other than the official hublot diamond rally decals, which is provided with your entry (2 door,
1 hood).
- We highly recommend you support a charity with their decal, which is up to you to source out.

LIST OF Official & approved firms to contact in advance for
extra (non-official) decal/livery creation and application:

Twiisted Media: For service in English/Mandarin/Cantonese, please contact Jeremy Chan jeremy.chan@twiistedmedia.com or 604.779.7792

Wrap-Workz: For service in English/Cantonese/Mandarin, please contact Lewis Fan at Lewis.Fan@wrap-workz.com or 604.783.8027

Empire Graphics: For service in English, please contact Paul at sales@empiregraphics.ca or 778.386.05.13

Protex Vancouver: For service in English, please contact Luke Osbaldeston at luke@protexvancouver.ca or 778.686.4776

Sapphire Creative: For service in English, please contact Jeremie Webber at jeremie@sapphirecreative.com or 778.551.1291